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Leatherman Gardening Multitool

Leatherman Gardening Multitool

If you're the green thumb type, you can now leave most of your tools in the garage with the Leatherman Hybrid Gardening Multitool ($35). This lightweight gadget offers several built-in gardening tools, such as bypass pruners, a weed remover, a bark lifter, a saw, a sprinkler tool, and non-slip handles, and is under five inches long when closed. Just like all other Leatherman tools, this one also includes a 25-year guarantee — so you can count on it year after year.

  • Wallet Ice Scraper

    Save your credit cards and instead chip away the frozen stuff with this handy Wallet Ice Scraper ($10). As its name implies, the super-slim stainless steel blade fits perfectly in your wallet so you'll always have a scraper on hand — and never again have to drive half way to work with your head hanging out the side window.

  • Black & Decker VPX Starter Set

    Ready to do some work around the house, but clueless as to what tools you might need? The Black & Decker VPX Starter Set ($90) is a great way to remedy the situation, and make you look at least halfway competent at your household chores at the same time. The set includes a Power Screwdriver, Cut Saw, Flashlight, and the VPX Battery with Charger, which is interchangeable between all VPX tools — making it great for someone who might be looking to expand their collection in the future.