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Lego Back to the Future Time Machine

"Roads, where we're going, we don't need roads," Doc Emmet Brown famously said to Marty McFly in Back to the Future — and when you build your own Lego Back to the Future Time Machine ($48), you won't need roads either. This set, based off of a Lego Cuusoo submission, has every piece necessary to build all three DeLoreans from each movie in the trilogy. It includes plenty of fan-pleasing details like a flux capacitor, an "OUTATIME" license plate, the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, and very accurate Marty and Doc minifigs.

  • Lego Sydney Opera House

    There are few modern buildings more recognizable than the Sydney Opera House, with its shell rooftops, harbor views, and striking lines. The Lego Sydney Opera House ($320) does a remarkable job of recreating this 20th-Century architectural marvel in the form of a 11" by 25" by 15" model. Modular construction and new building techniques will keep you intrigued throughout the build. With nearly 3,000 bricks (including the largest blue-stud baseplate they've ever made and a wealth of dark tan bricks), this set is a worthwhile challenge for the most advanced lego builders. Available in September.

  • Metrodeck Playing Cards

    New York City residents and tourists alike will appreciate these Metrodeck Playing Cards ($550) as a piece of Empire City memorabilia. Made from found subway fare cards and inspired by famous landmarks across the city, these playing cards are screen-printed in enamel ink, with four colors on each face card. Highlights include a Brooklyn Bridge King of Hearts, an Empire State Building King of Diamonds and a Statue of Liberty Queen of Hearts. Each of the 40 decks varies slightly from the other, and comes in a letterpressed, die-cut box.