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Lehr Eco Trimmer & Blower

Lehr Eco Trimmer & Blower

As anyone who's operated one knows, traditional gas-powered lawn tools are far from being "green." The Lehr Eco Trimmer & Blower ($180-$210) tackle this problem by running off 16.4 oz. Twist 'n Go propane canisters that allow for zero evaporative emission operation and zero-mess refueling. Other features of these eco friendly lawn tools include a four-stroke engine with a no choke/no priming start-up, a two-hour run time off a single canister, the lack of need for winterizing, and more cost-effective use and maintenance than your average tool. Well played.

Win it!
Thanks to the folks at Lehr, we're giving away one trimmer and one blower to two Uncraters. To enter to win, just join Uncrate or Lehr on Facebook.

  • Stanley Heavy Duty Clamp Light

    Keep your hands free and your eyes on the well-illuminated job with the Stanley Heavy Duty Clamp Light ($30). This 80 lumen flood light features a 350-degree rotational head to let you aim the light where you need it, the ability to run off either 2 or 4 C-cell batteries — for 15 or 30 hours of run time, respectively — and a strong clamp that opens up to 3.5-inches wide for gripping onto beams, joists, table tops, or basically any other stable surface.

  • Black & Decker Lawncare Center

    While many of us are preparing to shut down our lawn care duties until next spring, those of you in warmer climates still have work to do, and it's never too late for the rest of us to start planning for next spring. The Black & Decker Lawncare Center ($200) is a great way to do so, featuring a wall-mounting 3-port charger and holder for the included electric blower, Grass Hog edger and trimmer, and Hedgehog hedge trimmer. Just add a lawnmower and you've got everything you need to maintain a fine-looking, homeowners association-conforming lawn.