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Lexdray London Garment Bag

It may not look flashy, but when you arrive at your destination and all you need to do is hang it up, you'll be glad to have this Lexdray London Garment Bag ($540). Made from ballistic nylon and neoprene, this unique piece of luggage features built-in shelving — letting you keep your shirts, pants, socks, and underwear separated and easily accessible — as well as military-grade hardware, a removable Oxford Suiter, and a fleece-lined laptop compartment.

  • Globe-Trotter James Bond Collection

    When Skyfall opens next month, you might notice a rather stylish bespoke rifle case — but you don't need to wait to buy it. The Globe-Trotter James Bond Collection (£725-£5,000; roughly $1,160-$8,000) includes the Stabilist Aluminium case — inspired by the aforementioned rifle case — as well as a variety of cases ranging in size from 16" to 33" and a line of leather goods that includes a bag, wallets, and card holders. Each one has subtle Bond detailing, but thankfully avoids any tacky displays of branding.

  • Impress Coffee Brewer Cup

    If you're in a hurry, you take your morning coffee to go. But if you're really in a hurry, you brew your morning coffee on the go in the Impress Coffee Brewer Cup ($40). This one-cup-at-a-time travel mug/brewer uses a double-walled outer stainless steel cup and nesting inner cup with stainless steel microfilter to brew great tasting coffee in only three minutes. Just place the grounds in the outer cup, add hot water, and when the three minutes are up, push the inner cup all the way down and snap on the to-go lid to enjoy your coffee.