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M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Speakers

M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Speakers

Pump up the volume from your laptop, desktop, or media player with the M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Speakers ($145). These sturdy, spectacular-sounding speakers feature an integrated 20-watt-per-channel amplifier, 4-inch woofers, .75-inch ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters with OptImage III wave guides for better imaging, magnetic shielding to protect surrounding electronics, and a Discman-style bass boost switch for annoying neighbors. Sure, they won't win any interior design awards, but if you're more concerned with makin' beats than makin' casseroles, you shouldn't mind.

  • Audio-Technica Boogie Box

    Made specifically for street use, the Audio-Technica Boogie Box ($160) isn't exactly a modern version of the boombox, but it's close enough. This all-in-one speaker system features two 70mm full-range speakers, driven by an integrated 2W+2W amplifier. Plug in your iPod, cell phone, or even old-school Walkman and blare your music for all to hear — just keep in mind that if you really do play this thing on the "street," you're practically begging to get mugged, arrested, or possibly beaten down for playing "Bad Romance" on repeat.

  • Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

    Resting squarely in the realm of the ridiculous and yet too sexy to ignore, Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers ($500) ooze style with the same ease with which they produce sound. The white glazed ceramic speaker cones rest atop simple, understated Baltic birch plywood stands, and connect to a delightfully industrial stainless steel sheet metal amplifier, which sits atop a black cast iron base. Perfect for pairing with an aluminum laptop, iMac, or similarly minimal turntable.