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Maine Guide Duct Tape

Maine Guide Duct Tape

We all know how handy duct tape is, but even we grow tired of its old grey look. Maine Guide Duct Tape ($13/2-pack) solves this problem by adding a stately green or red plaid pattern to the legendary fix-all, and while it's supposed to be for "sportsmen," we think it'll work just as well for fashion-conscious homeowner handymen.

  • Dremel Multi-Max

    Whether you're sanding, scraping, or cutting, get the job done faster with the Dremel Multi-Max ($95). Packing a 1.5 amp motor with a 10,000 - 21,000 OPM speed range, this oscillating tool comes complete with a sanding pad, 60, 120 and 240 grit sand paper, a flexible scraper, a flat saw blade, and a wood flush-cut blade, all of which can be stored in the included case. With its compact design, it's ready to tackle nearly any project, whether it's cutting pipe, installing a floor vent, or restoring a window.

  • Best Made Axes

    When is an axe more than an axe? When it's a work of art. Best Made Axes ($200-$550) achieve this status by being hand forged and tempered by one of America's oldest axe companies, and then paired to handles made of 30-inch American hardwood, which are then hand painted and polished. For added collectibility, pair one with a custom made, felt-lined Best Made Box.