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Master Lock Street Cuff

Master Lock Street Cuff

Standard bike locks not secure enough for you? Lock your wheels down police-style with the Master Lock Street Cuff ($100). This unique lock is designed like a pair of handcuffs, and offers maximum cut and pry resistance, no fixed anchor point (for leverage), and virtually no space for jacks — leaving would-be thieves SOL.

  • Air Suit

    The Air Suit ($1,250) will let you zoom around like a giant flying squirrel during your next lunch break sky dive. The suit's resistance-based design lets you fly/glide instead of just falling/praying. But don't plan to buy one of these and jump off your office building to save the citizens of Metropolis — Air Suits are custom-fitted and sold only to "seasoned" sky divers.

  • Aqua Climb

    Get all the health benefits of rock climbing without the danger with the Aqua Climb ($8,000). Designed to be installed over a swimming pool, the wall features adjustable, interchangeable handholds, a 10-degree angle to ensure that you fall into the pool, protective padding along the sides and base, and a 304-grade stainless steel frame that can handle years of use. [Thanks, Ryan]


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