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Medieval Crossbow

Whether you're gearing up for a dark ages reenactment battle, have a penchant for old weapons, or are simply looking for that last little something to complete your basement torture chamber, the Medieval Crossbow ($200) should do the trick. This completely handmade device sports an oak body, a steel arch, and 35 pounds of tension, or more than enough to overcome your foe's cheaply-made chainmail armour.

  • Paintball Robot

    Feel like taking a flyer on a possibly vaporware remote control sentry? Then step right up and make a pledge for the Paintball Robot ($1,200). This tactical robot will feature a top-mounted paintball gun with elevation change capabilities, as well as a tracked base that can climb stairs and turn in place, all while being light enough for a single person to carry it, and allowing you to control it from afar. Sound far-fetched? It might be, but you'll never know if you don't try.

  • Sword Canes

    If you want to be a real villain, you're going to need a few things — like a cold heart, and a love for crime. Oh, and one of these Sword Canes ($450-$1,450). Available in a variety of styles, these classic canes hide a deadly sharp blade inside, making it all the more surprising when you go from meek and hobbled to slashing apart your foe's prized 18th century armchair. Isn't crime fun?