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Minibar Delivery

Whether you're looking to restock your home bar after a raucous party or simply want a great glass of wine when you get home, Minibar Delivery has you covered. This slick iPhone app lets you browse a solid selection of wine and spirits, make your selections, and have your order delivered from the local liquor store to your door in 60 minutes or less. The good news? There's no delivery charge. The bad news? As of right now, it's only available in select areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

  • Reporter

    Nicholas Felton knows a thing or two about data visualization. Not only did he create the Facebook Timeline, but he rose to fame on the back of his amazing Annual Reports, which lay out the years of his life in great detail — and in beautiful fashion. Now he's bringing that talent to bear on your sorry life. Reporter is a new iPhone app that's designed to capture information about your day-to-day routines in the least intrusive way possible. It relies on your phone's sensors and a few brief daily surveys to keep track of where you've been, what you've done, how active you've been, who you were with, etc. And all that data is reported back to you with the same visual panache as his annual reports, so you can get a gorgeous at-a-glance look at your life.

  • Facebook Paper

    Like it or not, many of us find out about the latest news from our Facebook feed — whether it's the death of a beloved actor, a former quarterback's legendary fur coat, or the latest civil unrest abroad. In that spirit, Facebook Paper makes the experience of consuming news and other timely content on our phones a little more beautiful, with an immersive app that combines your friends' stories with those coming from sources both established and upcoming. With intuitive interactions, Flipboard-like panels, full-screen photos and videos, and customizable sources, you may actually find yourself enjoying exploring the news. But it doesn't stop there. Paper lets you create your own stories, viewing them as they'll appear within the app, and within Facebook's native feed.