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Most golfers aren't born great — lessons are typically required for a really solid game. But finding a good coach can be easier said than done — unless you're using Mobicoach. This new real-time, remote coaching and analysis service uses an app to connect you to top golf coaches no matter where you are. Features include video and screen sharing, real-time whiteboarding, voice chat, and compatibility with the SwingTIP motion sensor. In other words, if you're at the range, you can get a lesson — whether you're in Lexington or Lebanon.

  • Minibar Delivery

    Whether you're looking to restock your home bar after a raucous party or simply want a great glass of wine when you get home, Minibar Delivery has you covered. This slick iPhone app lets you browse a solid selection of wine and spirits, make your selections, and have your order delivered from the local liquor store to your door in 60 minutes or less. The good news? There's no delivery charge. The bad news? As of right now, it's only available in select areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

  • Ken Burns

    With the way acclaimed documentarian Ken Burns typically titles his work, you'd be forgiven if you got the impression he used himself for his latest subject. Instead, this Ken Burns is actually a new app that draws on many of Burns' documentaries — films like The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, and Prohibition — and uses them to tell the story of American history, via tap-friendly timelines and theme-specific pages covering topics like Art, Innovation, Politics, and War.