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MotoArt Ejection Chairs

We've all wished for an eject button to remove ourselves from an office environment at one time or another, and MotoArt Ejection Chairs ($TBA) get you about as close to that dream as you're ever going to get. Made from authentic B-52 Stratofortress and F-4 Phantom Jet Fighter seats, these office chairs are made by technicians who strip the original seat of all old material, then repair, grind, sand, and polish the frame to a high gloss aluminum finish, adding sturdy custom aluminum bases and modern seat fabrics to give them a more workplace friendly feel.

  • The SureFire Pen II

    Sure, regular pens are fine, but if you need a writing tool that can stand up to the toughest you have to offer, check out the The SureFire Pen II ($90). A more streamlined version of the original, the SureFire II features a hard anodized aerospace-grade aluminum body with nearly-unbreakable pocket clip, a Schmidt Technology easyFLOW 9000 ink cartridge with retractable action, a nickel-plated pushbutton tailcap, and more.

  • BlueLounge StudioDesk

    If you're a laptop user looking for a clean, utilitarian desk (like us), feast your eyes on the BlueLounge StudioDesk ($600). This compact (47" x 27.5") workspace features an innovative storage compartment hidden by a sliding desktop surface, letting you hide all your cable clutter, with only a single cable running from the desk to the wall. Made from a mix of solid mahogany and laminate, it's minimal design is sure to look good in any space. [Thanks, Pablo]