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Mott & Bow Jeans

Most guys dread the thought of clothes shopping, and dread the thought of having to try clothes on at a store even more. With Mott & Bow, you can say goodbye to that painful process, and still get a well designed, great fitting pair of premium jeans. Mott & Bow is all about comfort and quality. They use different types of denim from left-hand weave Italian denim for extreme softness (seriously, they're really soft) to 4-way stretch denim for optimal flexibility. New styles include the versatile dark blue Oliver made from a heavier weight denim, to the perfect year-round gray jean called the Leroy. They will also ship you two waist sizes at no extra charge to make sure you get the right fit — just send back the pair that doesn't fit at no extra charge. Finally, you can afford premium denim that actually fits without an awkward trip to a department store.

Presented by Mott & Bow.

  • Mott & Bow Italian Denim

    The latest release from Mott & Bow is premium Italian denim sourced from a small town near Milan. One of the world's finest and most sustainable denim mills, Candiani, is the source for Mott & Bow Italian Denim. Two new fabrics are used to construct the Staple and the Warren for Mott & Bow, continuing to expand their line of comfortable jeans that also happen to look great. Thanks to their direct to consumer model, you won't pay a premium to get your hands on the new releases. And as always, Mott & Bow send you two pairs of jeans to try on to ensure the right fit. Just send back the pair that doesn't fit, on them.

    Presented by Mott & Bow.

  • Mott & Bow Ludlow Jeans

    Keep your look light and crisp with these Ludlow Jeans from Mott & Bow. And they don't just look good, but they're built for comfort as well, made using high quality 16% stretch denim. And Mott & Bow have a great try-on program which sends you two pairs of jeans with a preprinted prepaid return label to send back the size that does not fit. Available in 32", 34", and now 30" length, they're hand-sanded, stone-washed, and treated for a just-right fade that pairs perfectly with bright spring and summer tops and requires no break-in.

    Presented by Mott & Bow.