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Ms. Pac Man Cocktail Table

Ms. Pac Man Cocktail Table

Anyone old enough to remember playing Centipede at the arcade should also remember the wonderful cocktail table-style machines which, sadly, don't get nearly as much nostalgic attention as stand-up machines. The Ms. Pac Man/Galaga Cocktail Table ($4,000) is mighty expensive, but will also look mighty cool in your game room with its retro gaming goodness.

  • USB Nintendo Controllers

    Awesome. RetroZone is selling old-school NES controllers that have been upgraded with USB connectors so you can use them on your PC or Mac. You can choose from the original NES controller ($30), NES Advantage ($35), or NES Max ($28). But for the true geeks, you can also pick up a PowerGlove ($70), PowerPad ($60), or Super Nintendo Mouse ($26). RetroZone also sells do-it-yourself upgrade kits for your own controller ($17). [Thanks, Ben!]

  • Pelican Design-Your-Own Faceplate for Xbox 360

    If you happen to be an early-adopter that has a 360 but isn't digging the faceplate options currently available, check out the Design-your-Own Faceplate service from Pelican ($35). You can choose to use Pelican's design tools to make your creation, or upload your own art to be used to make the 'plate. While their tools are okay, we're really excited about uploading our own art — an Uncrate-branded faceplate sounds pretty cool to us. [Thanks, Ted]