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Nightvision Flashlight Camcorder

Nightvision Flashlight Camcorder

Looking to take video on the sly, or start your own underground version of COPS? The Nightvision Flashlight Camcorder ($150) can help. Sporting an eight LED array, it's a highly functional flashlight, but hides a two-megapixel still/VGA video camera in its face, which also happens to have an eight-foot nightvision range for even more covert recording. A five hour Li-ion battery keeps things running, while your video is recorded to a microSD card tucked inside the chassis.

  • MagnoGrip Magnetic Work Gear

    Whether you're building a house or just putting together some Ikea furniture, there's little more frustrating than having the necessary bolt, screw, or nail fall out of your hand or pocket only to disappear forever. MagnoGrip Magnetic Work Gear can help you avoid this time-waster with a variety of goods — including wristbands, nail pouches, belt clips, hammer holsters, suspenders, tool pouches, and, our tool belts (which we just put to good use) — made from rugged double-layered ballistic polyester, and featuring magnetic surfaces that hold small items securely in place until you're ready for them.

  • Stanley HID Spotlight

    High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps have been all the rage in the car market for several years now, so it was only a matter of time until the tech trickled down to the personal lighting market. The Stanley HID Spotlight ($TBA) packs a 35 Watt HID bulb in its yellow, black, and silver chassis, along with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, a metal rollbar for durability, a rechargeable battery with a 35 minute full power runtime, a 2-way dimmer for extending battery life, a CEC AC charger, and a carry lanyard.