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Nikon Ecobins Binoculars

Nikon Ecobins Binoculars

Be good to nature while watching it. Made from lead- and arsenic-free glass, the eco-friendly Nikon Ecobins Binoculars ($200) are manufactured with no harmful chemicals and sport a non-chloride rubber body. The fully waterproof/fogproof binoculars also come with a Eucalyptus-sourced natural-fiber case and strap.

  • Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit

    Be prepared no matter what the circumstances with the Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit ($15). Weighing in at only 7.5 oz. and only taking up as much space as a stack of postcards, this handy all-in one kit includes waterproof matches, an 80" x 50" emergency blanket, 50 ft. of fishing line with four hooks and sinker weights, a surgical blade, five wound closure strips, a map compass, emergency whistle, three feet of duct tape, and more, all in an included waterproof carrying case.

  • Titanium Round Flask

    Weighing at just three ounces, the Titanium Round Flask ($115) is ready to help you smuggle carry your favorite liquor into your next ball game, camping trip, or family function. Made from titanium, the flask holds twice its weight in liquid, and won't transfer a metallic taste to your beverage. Plus, it comes with its own carrying case and funnel, and looks so good you'll be tempted to carry it even when it's empty.