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Nyko Wing Wireless Wii Controller

Nyko Wing Wireless Wii Controller

If you do a lot of retro gaming on your Wii (thanks to the wonderful Virtual Console), you might want to consider cutting the cord and picking up the Nyko Wing Wireless Wii Controller ($30). This white wonder runs on 2 AAA batteries, with the option of using rechargeable AA's and charging via USB. Other features include dual analog sticks, four face buttons, and triggers, and the ability to stray up to 10 feet away from the included Wii Remote dongle. [Thanks, Doug]

  • Nintendo DSi

    The inevitable upgrade to the Nintendo DS Lite has been announced. Besides being slightly slimmer, the new Nintendo DSi ($180) has two 3.25-inch screens (17% bigger than the Lite), better audio, a built-in web browser, an SD memory card slot, and a .3 megapixel (640x480) camera on the outside and one inside on the hinge. The DSi, which comes in white or black, will also have the ability to download games over Wi-Fi. It hits stores in Japan next month, but won't be available here until sometime early next year.

  • Pro Gaming Table

    If you use your PC more for gaming than you do for actual work, perhaps you should check out the Pro Gaming Table ($380). This frag-worthy desk sports three different levels of tabletop surface, enough for a full complement of keyboards, steering wheels, flight sticks, monitors, and more. Game on.