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Original Leather Postal Messenger

Original Leather Postal Messenger

You know how the postman in old movies always has a well-worn, great-looking leather mail bag? Well, it's not just fiction. From 1868 until the '70s, the USPS carried oil-tanned mailbags, which have been faithfully reproduced in J. Crew's "Original" Leather Postal Messenger ($800). This gorgeous bag is hand-oiled, stained, and burnished, sewn by artisans on century-old machines from hand-picked leather. Just like the old USPS bags, it's made to last for years, and is large enough to hold a smallish laptop, a book or two, and yes, even the mail.

  • Jerome Olivet Backpack

    Often times you'll find that good designers come from working with great designers from the generation before them. As is the case with Jerome Olivet, whose Backpack ($225) redefines what a backpack can look like. With sleek lines and a formed pod-like shape, it looks great, while also protecting your goods with the same high quality material used by Louis Vuitton in their non-leather goods. You can definitely see the Starck influence.