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Otto Espresso Machine

Brew coffee-house worthy cups of caffeine-laced goodness on your stovetop with the Otto Espresso Machine (AU$800; roughly $850). Designed in Australia, it's based on Giordano Robbiati's classic Atomic, made almost entirely of stainless steel for dependable operation year-in, year-out, can brew two cups at a time at up to three bar of pressure, and includes a built-in steam wand. It doesn't look too shabby, either.

  • Rösle Pizza Wheel

    Everyone loves pizza, but not everyone loves cutting it. Whether it be a freshly homemade pie you whipped up yourself or just some delivery action that the stoned carrier forgot to cut properly, the Rösle Pizza Wheel ($35) can help you get it chopped up in no time. Sporting a surprisingly stylish body that puts your hand inside the free-running roller blade, it allows you to distribute pressure more evenly, making for cleaner cuts.

  • Nomiku

    Sous vide is the next big thing in cooking — but unfortunately, you've had to shell out a ton of cash if you wanted to bring the technology home. The Nomiku ($300) is poised to do so at a much lower price and without the need for a large, dedicated machine. It sits down in a standard pot, heating the water to whatever temperature you set -- using the dial control and 1.3-inch OLED screen -- and keeping it there for as long as you need. The result? Perfectly cooked meals, every time, with less fuss than you'd expect.


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