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Life's not a party if you have to stumble around in the dark. You can remedy the stumbling with the Pak-Lite Super White LED Flashlight ($25). This minimalist flashlight, powered by a nine-volt battery, puts out light near that of natural sunlight quality via two super bright white LED blubs.

  • Jack Spade Sling Shot

    There's really not much to say about this thing. Obviously, it's simply a real, handmade slingshot that brings back memories of Dennis the Menace. The Jack Spade Sling Shot ($40) is carved from cedar and features strong rubber slings with a suede cap. Broken window not included.

  • POC Spine

    It's never a bad idea to have some protection on the slopes, especially if you're one of those crazy-asses that think they're invincible once they set foot on the powder. POC's lightweight Spine body armor ($160) protects your back from any mishaps you might make. The Cervical ($40) and Coccyx ($40) add-ons insure that the upper part of the spine, including vertebrae C1 to C7, as well as the lowest part of your spine, the caudal region, are safe from impact.