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Porsche Design Bobsleigh

Judging by the piles of snow visible from the windows of Uncrate HQ, it's officially acceptable to begin shopping for winter toys — and the Porsche Design Bobsleigh (£170; roughly $265) is near the top of our list. As a more affordable alternative to Porsche's Aluminum Sled, the Bobsleigh features a more aggressive design, a low center of gravity for ease of steering, superior directional stability, and an included carrying bag. Just go easy on the non-caloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant.

  • GSI Halulite Ketalist

    Carry a kettle with you on your next adverture into the wilderness with the GSI Halulite Ketalist ($30). Made from a proprietary hard anodized alloy called Halulite, this ultralight 1L kettle lets you warm soups, makeshift stews, and even water on the trail, and includes a 14 oz. insulated mug, a 14 oz. bowl, a sip-it top, a telescoping "foon" — we thought it was a spork? — and a stuff sack for carrying purposes.

  • Bushnell BackTrack Point 5

    Find your car in even the largest mall parking lot, or find your way back to the ribs in even the smokiest tailgating situation with the Bushnell BackTrack Point 5 ($68). Like the original BackTrack, this sleeker model navigates you back to any location with just the push of a button. This new model also adds a digital compass, the current time, temperature, and altitude, plus the ability to mark and store up to five locations.

    This post is brought to you by Goodyear. Click here to learn more about Winter Reactive Technology from Goodyear.