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Punkt MP 01 Phone

No apps. No camera. No nonsense. Designed by Jasper Morrison, the Punkt MP 01 Phone is meant to put the spotlight back where it belongs: on calls and messages. The 2-inch LCD display — protected by Gorilla Glass — is ideal for dealing with SMS messages, and the built-in noise cancellation ensures that your conversations sound great. It does have Bluetooth, since handsfree systems are handy, but without the need for a bevy of other radios, battery life is fantastic, and the soft-touch paint finish and angled back plate make it a pleasure to hold.

  • YotaPhone 2 Dual-Screen Smartphone

    If your smartphone and your e-reader had a baby, it might look a lot like the YotaPhone 2. Combining the features of an Android smartphone with an electronic paper display on the typically forgotten backside, it's the world's first dual-screen smartphone. The rear e-ink screen is covered by a touch-sensitive, curved matte finish, and allows you to read, text, email, or tweet without even flipping over to the LCD screen. The rear screen stays on all the time, but uses way less energy and can hold a charge for up to five days. Practical use paired with imaginative design make it easy to see why some are calling this the smartphone of the future.

  • Light Phone

    As smartphones demand more of our time, getting away from them is becoming more difficult. The Light Phone is designed to serve as a happy medium between staying fully connected and going off the grid. It's about the size of a credit card, works on the global GSM standard, and has its own number, as well as an app that lets you forward calls from your smartphone. Best of all, there's no real screen, so you won't be tempted to hop online, giving you a refreshing break from the digital world without leaving you without any means of communication.