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R6 Modular Arkiv Field Backpack

Some bags are great for work, some are great for travel, and others are an ideal fit for the great outdoors. The R6 modular Arkiv Field Backpack is great for all those scenarios, utilizing the patented Arkiv modular system that gives the bag freedom to evolve and adapt as needed. Accessories range from simple cell phone pouches and tool pockets to larger organizers and laptop sleeves Equipped with 6 Arkiv rails and available in two sizes. And best of all, it's completely weatherproof, with urethane coasted YKK zippers, and an internal frame sheet. But what might be most impressive is the new HT500 fabric. It's light and sophisticated but still tough enough to stand up to your daily wear and tear. For the initial release, there is a limited quantity of colored Arkiv buckles. Choose from the standard gunmetal or customize the accessory with orange, red, and blue hardware. The hardware can be moved and arranged to make each bag distinct to the user.

Presented by Mission Workshop.

  • Black Ember Modular Backpack

    Forget carrying a different bag for every task — Black Ember Backpacks use a modular design to adapt to nearly any situation. Available in three sizes ranging from 15 to 25 liters, they use a unique mag-lock hardware system to let you add additional cases and pouches on an as-needed basis. They're also plenty rugged, with waterproof nylon exteriors, aluminum hardware, and weatherproof zippers, yet keep your gadgets safe with soft linings and extra padding for laptops and tablets.

    Presented by Black Ember.

  • Tumi x Public School Luggage

    Revered luggage brand Tumi and NYC based clothing brand Public School have teamed up for a minimalist luggage set that could make traveling during the holidays bearable. The Tumi x Public School Luggage set consists of a leather-trimmed travel kit, a travel satchel made from water-resistant fabric, a medium trip packing case made from lightweight polypropylene, and a lightweight, hardside carry-on. Each piece is in all black, and features premium leather accents and a sharp attention to the details that matter most while you're away from home.