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Rapid Warrior Utility Knife

Rapid Warrior Utility Knife

Like a Swiss Army knife is to a standard blade, the Rapid Warrior Utility Knife ($20) is much more than a glorified box-cutter. This handy, versatile tool comes with drywall, hacksaw, and general purpose saw blades as well as a regular utility blade, and can also accept standard reciprocating saw blades, offering no-tools-needed switching between them while the soft grip handle keeps your hands comfortable.

  • Rockler Bench Cookies

    Got a project you're working on that you don't want to clamp up Casino-style? Check out Rockler Bench Cookies ($12/4-pack). These durable, hockey puck-shaped workshop accessories feature grippy, non-marking rubber pads on both side, offering stability and support for your most important projects without the need for vice grips.

  • Lehr Eco Trimmer & Blower

    As anyone who's operated one knows, traditional gas-powered lawn tools are far from being "green." The Lehr Eco Trimmer & Blower ($180-$210) tackle this problem by running off 16.4 oz. Twist 'n Go propane canisters that allow for zero evaporative emission operation and zero-mess refueling. Other features of these eco friendly lawn tools include a four-stroke engine with a no choke/no priming start-up, a two-hour run time off a single canister, the lack of need for winterizing, and more cost-effective use and maintenance than your average tool. Well played.

    Win it!
    Thanks to the folks at Lehr, we're giving away one trimmer and one blower to two Uncraters. To enter to win, just join Uncrate or Lehr on Facebook.