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Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter Sunglasses

Aviators are ubiquitous. That makes them timeless — but also a tad boring. Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter Sunglasses are a good alternative to standard "troopers". The namesake Blaze lenses sit in front of the double-bridged metal frame, lending each pair a sporty look, while the sweat bar sits visibly on top. Available in six colorways to suit any style.

  • Felix Gray Computer Glasses

    Staring at a computer screen all day is bad for your eyes. Unfortunately, many of us don't have a choice. Felix Gray Computer Glasses can help you make the best of the situation. They combat eyestrain on multiple fronts, with slight magnification that reduces the load on your ciliary muscle, a glare reduction coating, and a filter that keeps out the most damaging wavelengths of blue light. Available in multiple frame sizes and styles to match any face shape, size, and personal style.

  • Omega Sunglasses

    With designs inspired by a mix of classic silhouettes and details from the company's timepieces, Omega Sunglasses are an ideal companion for your Seamaster. Available in a handful of designs, each pair is crafted in Italy, comes in a Zebrawood hard case, and has scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lenses. No matter which pair you buy, you'll find they have subtle details that recall the company's watches, such as crown-like hinges, metal-injected frames, and black finishes similar to the ceramic of the company's Dark Side collection.