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Ray-Ban Legends Collection

Celebrate the 75th anniversary of the country's most iconic sunglasses brand by picking up a pair from the Ray-Ban Legends Collection ($160). Included in this limited edition collection are pink, green, and blue lensed variants of the Round and Aviator, as well as reintroduced styles of the '60s-era Laramie and Meteor. [via]

  • Warby Parker Sunglasses

    Thinking TOMS Eyewear were your only choice if you wanted a buy-one, give-one pair of sunglasses? Think again. Available in five distinct styles, Warby Parker Sunglasses ($95) are made from custom cellulose acetate with five barrel hinges, Teflon-coated screws, and polarized lenses. And, of course, for every pair you buy, a pair of optical glasses is given to a person in need.

  • Oakley Wind Jacket

    Protect your eyes from the wind while maintaining the proper level of cool with the Oakley Wind Jacket ($220). Designed with motorcyclists in mind, the Wind Jacket is a modified version of the Split Jacket, featuring snap-in gaskets for a protective, wind-blocking seal, a removable strap to keep them securely sitting on your noggin, and included sets of interchangeable dark and light lenses so you can keep your eyes from drying out whether it's a sunny day or moonless night.


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