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Ray-Ban Light Ray Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban Light Ray Eyeglasses

Weight is generally an enemy of comfortable eyeglasses, as the heavier the specs, the more strain is put on your ears and nose. Which is why we're so stoked about these Ray-Ban Light Ray Eyeglasses ($TBA). Touted as the lightest Ray-Ban frame ever created, the Light Ray features a corrosion-resistant titanium alloy build, using no screws or welding, and a monoblock hinge. All told, they weigh just 1.7g — that's roughly five one-hundredths of an ounce, or a really, really small amount.

  • Oakley Wind Jacket

    Protect your eyes from the wind while maintaining the proper level of cool with the Oakley Wind Jacket ($220). Designed with motorcyclists in mind, the Wind Jacket is a modified version of the Split Jacket, featuring snap-in gaskets for a protective, wind-blocking seal, a removable strap to keep them securely sitting on your noggin, and included sets of interchangeable dark and light lenses so you can keep your eyes from drying out whether it's a sunny day or moonless night.

  • TOMS Eyewear

    You know that happy feeling you get inside when slipping on a pair of TOMS shoes, knowing that someone else less fortunate than you is doing the same thing thanks to your purchase? Now you can get that same rush when donning your sunglasses with TOMS Eyewear ($135-$145). Available in two Classic styles — the Wayfarer-like 101 and Aviator-like 301 — and a ton of different colors, you should find one to suit your style, and of course, TOMS will help give someone sight for each pair you buy, whether it's via medical treatment, prescription glasses, or sight-saving surgery.


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