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Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Kit

Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Kit

Hopefully you'll never have to use it, but in the case of an emergency it's smart to have a disaster supplies kit ready. If you don't think you'll ever get around to putting one together yourself, order the Red Cross Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit ($65), which includes a heavy-duty backpack stuffed with items like a battery-powered flashlight and radio (batteries included), water (2 quarts) and water container (2.5 gallon), an emergency blanket, U.S. Coast Guard-approved food bars, work gloves, light sticks, a breathing mask, a rain poncho, a roll of duct tape, and a first aid kit.

  • Inflatable Pub

    Wow. We just know we could put this thing to good use somewhere. The Inflatable Pub from Airquee ($TBA) has room for a bar and 30 customers, and can be be erected anywhere in just 10 minutes with 2 small blowers. It's even got a blow-up fireplace. And best of all, if you're not that popular, you can just order 30 blow-up dolls and have them be your crowd. [Thanks, Mike]

  • Little Guy Camper/Trailer

    We've been looking for something like this to take on weekend excursions for a long time now. The lightweight trailer can be pulled with any car (our main concern since we aren't 4x4 types) and can be used as a two-person sleeping camper or just as a trailer for all your gear. The Little Guy Deluxe ($4000) features tinted left and right doors with sliding windows, aluminum 5-spoke mag wheels, roof vent, full-size air mattress, and interior cabinets and lights. Note that we'd opt for the custom solid color paint job to match our ride — the "bolt" and "laser" graphics make us feel like retirees.