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Rock Band for iPhone

Rock Band for iPhone

They certainly took their sweet time with it, but EA has finally launched Rock Band for iPhone ($10). With graphics similar to those found in the console versions, the game features all four main instruments — guitar, bass, drums, and, yes, vocals — as well as a nifty four-player live Bluetooth multiplayer mode, an in-game music store, and more.

  • Stanley Level iPhone App

    Possibly the world's first virtual construction tool, the Stanley Level iPhone App (Free) is also the first truly accurate digital level available for the iPhone. Once calibrated, the Stanley Level uses the iPhones built-in accelerometer to achieve the desired angle, and displaying a bubble for perfect measurements, just like the real thing.

  • Ego

    Checking web statistics can be fun, but trying to keep track of them all can be tedious and time consuming. Ego ($2) provides up-to-the-second stats from all of your favorite web services and social sites, including Twitter, Feedburner, Google Analytics, Mint, and your own website, showing subscription totals and changes in hourly, daily, or monthly formats. Even better, Ego supports custom labels and multiple sources for each widget. Keeping track of your online identities and websites has never been so easy. Let the ego-stroking begin.