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Rolex Hillary Tenzing Edition Watches

Scaling Mt. Everest is certainly a brag-worthy feat. But becoming the second generation of your family to do so? Well, apparently that's worth releasing a special edition goodie box inspired by your parent's first trip to the top of the world. These Rolex Hillary Tenzing Edition Watches ($39,000) — commissioned by Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, two Everest veterans and sons of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first humans to scale the peak — are customized Rolex Explorer watches that come in a handmade expedition crate that's also filled with custom-made vintage items commemorating the original 1953 ascent. If you want in, you'll need to hurry — only 88 packages will be made.

  • Bell & Ross Infiniti Carbon Case Purple 8 Pro Dial Watch

    We've long been fans of B&R's square-cased watches, and while this one might feature a more traditional form, it's got charm of its own. The Bell & Ross Infiniti Carbon Case Purple 8 Pro Dial Watch ($5,100) is an ultra-limited edition timepiece — only 200 will be made — sporting a 44mm, matte black PVD-coated steel case, water resistance down to 1,000 meters, or way deeper than you need to be diving, and Infiniti purple on the seconds pointer and on the "8" marker. You know, because 8 is a symbol of luck in Asia, and because if you turn it on its side, it looks like Infiniti's logo. Available exclusively at Infiniti Centers worldwide.

  • Oakley Elite Full Metal Jacket Watch

    Sometimes it's nice to wear a pocket watch, but if you need to choose between that and a wristwatch, the latter normally wins. But what if you didn't have to choose? The Oakley Elite Full Metal Jacket Watch ($9,000) offers the best of both worlds by giving you the choice between a heavy-duty strap or a pocket watch chain, both of which are made from the same lightweight titanium as the watch body. Other features include a self-winding 25-jewel movement, a COS Certified chronometer, water resistance to 330 feet, a three-hand analog display with date and day windows, a screw-down titanium case back with sapphire crystal inlays, and Oakley's signature hardcore styling. [Scouted by Trevor]