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SenseFly eBee Drone

Whether you're using it to digitally map your surroundings, scout the terrain for your next outdoor adventure, or realize your lifelong dream of becoming a pilot, the SenseFly eBee Drone ($25,000) is one versatile UAV. Small, light, and portable, the eBee features foam modular construction, letting it break down to fit in a carry-on size case, and launch from your hand — so it's easy to use and take anywhere. It features artificial intelligence and comes with flight planning software, allowing even the most inexperienced pilots to fly and land with ease. Professional-quality mapping software and an onboard 16 megapixel camera give you a view of the ground like you've never seen before, ideal for charting a run down an unfamiliar slope, plotting your course down a river, or just getting a bird's-eye-view of your city.

  • Petcube

    Even the most attentive pet owners can't be around to look after their animals all day, every day — but with Petcube ($150) you can watch, speak to, and even play with your dog or cat from your smartphone. A wide-angle HD camera gives you a great view of your pet using their iOS app, while a built-in speaker lets you speak to them. A low-intensity laser also allows you to play with your pet through the app, so you can entertain them from far away. This durable four- by four -by four-inch cube is made from aluminum and glass, so it looks great, and with customizable skins and covers, you can make it your own.

  • Oskar Humidifier

    Make your bedroom (or any small space in your house or apartment) more comfortable as the weather gets dryer with the Oskar Humidifier ($125). This small, styling humidifier runs silently and efficiently, letting you get a restful night's sleep thanks to the its quiet mechanism and night-mode LED lights. A built-in fragrance dispenser lets it do double duty, while the automatic shut-off helps you conserve energy when it runs out of water.