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Sigmo Voice Translation Device

If you've spent any amount of time traveling abroad, you've likely run into a language barrier, making it hard to get the most out of your trip. With the Sigmo Voice Translation Device ($50) you can avoid those issues, without resorting to learning a new language. This device connects to your iOS or Android device over Bluetooth and, using existing services, translates your voice into one of 25 different languages. Just speak into the microphone and it will translate everything you say, playing it back over the speaker. It's small and light, so you can bring it anywhere, attach it to your clothes, or hang it around your neck.

  • Handibot

    With Handibot ($2,000), every DIY enthusiast now has access to a portable CNC (computer numerically controlled) mill. For those not familiar with CNC equipment, this industrial technology lets you programmatically, repeatably, and precisely cut, carve, or drill various materials. The Handibot lets you do all this at the job site or your home workshop, instead of a big shop, and removes the need for in-depth technological know-how using task-specific apps, controlled on your tablet or smart phone. All you need to do to cut that perfect notch, pocket, hole, or curve, is cue up an app and press the start button — pretty easy.

  • Klein Leather Tool Bag

    Since 1857, Klein Tools has been making American gems like this Klein Leather Tool Bag. Made entirely of thick, tanned leather, this rugged, pocketless bag sports a large compartment for gear, reinforced ends, a double-ply base with steel studs, and triple-riveted rolled loop handles. Use it to tote your hand tools for the next 50 years or just use it to store your magazines in the living room.