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Sony GPS-CS1 GPS Camera Accessory

Sony GPS-CS1 GPS Camera Accessory

Ever looked at an old picture and wondered where in the heck it was taken? With the Sony GPS-CS1 GPS device ($150; Sept.), you'll never have to wonder again. It records latitude, longitude and time readings that can be downloaded to your computer and synchronized with photo files from your digital camera, letting you to know exactly where they were taken. The 12-channel GPS unit is 3.5-inches long, weighs two ounces, and has a handy carabineer clip.

  • American Express Gold Butterfly Card

    Credit cards are a necessary evil of life these days, so if you're going to carry one, you might as well make it as stylish as possible. The new American Express Gold Butterfly Card (free with Gold Card membership) is a companion card to your current Gold Card that folds into a tiny case with a clip on the back. The Butterfly card will have a different number than the Gold Card account it's linked to, but all the charges end up on the linked account — the Butterfly has a unique number so that you can more easily track purchases made with it. If you have an American Express Gold Card, be sure to grab one of these. [Thanks, Sarcia]

  • Tiffany 1837 Compass

    With graduation season coming up once again, it's time to start finding some unique gifts for the new high school and college grads on your shopping list. For the one who's always been an adventurer, check out this 1837 Compass from Tiffany and Co. ($210). It features a highly-accurate compass encased inside a stately sterling silver box. Hey, it's definitely better than those "ball" ones that you can buy at the truck stop to stick on your dash.