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Whether you're just getting introduced to sushi or are a long time fan, Sooshi should have something to interest you. This surprisingly deep app is split into five sections, providing information on the most common sushis and how to prepare them, the utensils you'll need, how to select the best fish, other ingredients, and, should you decide that you're not feeling up to making it yourself, a restaurant finder that uses your current location and Foursquare information to find the best sushi spots nearby.

  • Ken Burns

    With the way acclaimed documentarian Ken Burns typically titles his work, you'd be forgiven if you got the impression he used himself for his latest subject. Instead, this Ken Burns is actually a new app that draws on many of Burns' documentaries — films like The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, and Prohibition — and uses them to tell the story of American history, via tap-friendly timelines and theme-specific pages covering topics like Art, Innovation, Politics, and War.

  • Distiller

    We're pretty proud of the booze we recommend here on Uncrate — but we understand there are times when you need the help of a computer. That's where Distiller comes in. Using proprietary algorithms, this handy iPhone app delivers whiskey suggestions tailored to your current situation, whether you're by the fireplace, playing poker with the guys, out at a bar, or just looking for something new to try. Each whiskey is listed with a rating, tasting notes, and flavor profile, giving you a little extra information before making your call.