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Speed-Link Competition Pro USB Joystick

Speed-Link Competition Pro USB Joystick

If the X-Arcade two player arcade joystick is too much to handle (or if you don't have any friends) and you're looking for a simple joystick to use with your PC emulators or arcade shooters, then you've just found the ideal hardware for the job. The Speed-Link Competition Pro USB Joystick ($25) has four firing buttons and a turbo function for old-school gaming fun.

  • Wireless Nintendo Controllers

    Let’s face it — having a classic NES system in your living room is, at this point, kind of like having a vintage record player — except that the record player doesn’t cause twelve feet of black cord to be strewn all over your floor. Now that problem can be alleviated with the Messiah 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller ($50). Plug it in, kick back, and show your appreciation for technology’s past in style — by beating the snot out of whoever you can find in a game of Tecmo Bowl.