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Stelton Pure Black Knives

We've seen some crazy knife handles before, but not too many that you can barely tell apart from the knife itself. Stelton Pure Black Knives ($55+) are forged from a single piece of stainless steel, enabling their handles to meld seamlessly into their blades, while the special, hygienic matte black coating makes them easy to clean and unusually grippy. Two chef's knives are available, as is a single bread knife — but who wants to waste a blade this good looking on cutting bread?

  • Boomerang Wok

    No, you can't throw it and expect it to come back to you. Instead, the Boomerang Wok ($150) sports Teflon Platinum Plus non-stick coating and a unique cupped edge that allows overly-enthusiastic chefs to toss their stir-fry to their heart's content without getting partially-cooked food all over the stove, counters, floor, and — if you're particularly talented — walls.

  • Breville Juice & Blend

    Go straight from juice to a frosty smoothie with the Breville Juice & Blend ($500). This healthful kitchen appliance lets you push whole fruits and vegetables down to be juiced without cutting thanks to a wide three-inch chute, and once in the 51-oz. glass pitcher, the juice can be set back on the same base — with the blender attachment on, of course — and mixed with ice to create tasty smoothies with no prep work and little mess.


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