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Stiletto TiBone Titanium Hammer

Tackle your next project with less effort thanks to the Stiletto TiBone Titanium Hammer. It weighs just 15 ounces, yet drives like a 28 oz. steel model thanks to a 17 1/2" handle. There's also a patented side-mounted nail puller that jerks out 16p nails in just a single motion, and the magnetic nail starter. Available with either a smooth or milled replaceable face, and your choose of a straight or curved handle.

  • EDC Card

    Inspired by survival tools and field weaponry, this special edition EDC Card is an ideal travel companion. It's crafted from military-grade S35VN blade steel, coated in weapons grade ceramic, and equipped with over 30 functions, keeping you prepared for a host of situations. At 2.84 mm thick, it's a durable and discreet way to travel with 23 hex wrenches, a phillips, a bottle opener, a pry bar, and a straight edge, with each function laser-etched on the surface. As a result, it's compact enough for your pocket or wallet, and also TSA compliant, so you don't have to worry when trekking through security.

  • Nemo Special Ops Underwater Drill

    Sporting an all-black paintjob and completely devoid of logos, the Nemo Special Ops Underwater Drill was made for use by special forces — but that doesn't mean it can't help you get things done around the house. It's powered by a 1000-watt brushless motor and a 6Ah battery pack, has dual LEDs for nighttime work, is water resistant down to 328ft, and comes with a diving headlamp, a diving tool belt, and a waterproof bag to keep the charger dry.