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Strong Like Bull Magnets

Stop worrying about your papers getting knocked off your fridge, file cabinet, or whiteboard and start hanging them up with Strong Like Bull Magnets ($24/2-pack). As the name suggests, these over-engineered helpers are seriously strong, boasting a Neodimium Iron Boron disc magnet that's set inside a stainless steel cup that directs the magnetic flux and increases pull strength. An anodized aluminum housing and grip ring give the magnet a stylish exterior and make it easier to handle — which is good, since it has a rated direct contact pull strength of over 25 lbs, or more than enough to pull up a 10 lb. weight or hold up a 50 sheet notepad from the outside.

  • Minimal Float Wall Desk

    It doesn't matter whether you're looking to open up some floor space or simply want a stylish new workstation — the Minimal Float Wall Desk ($700) can do both. Made from either walnut or rift oak, this sleek desk mounts directly on the wall at any height you choose — meaning it can work as a sitting or standing desk — and features softly rounded ends and a full-length slide out tray for your keyboard, mouse, and/or writing pad. There's only one drawback: with a design this clean, you're going to want to make damn sure that you hide any cables as best you can.

  • Eco Highligther Pencils

    You drink from a reusable bottle. You recycle. You even compost. But yet you still use standard highlighters? Make the switch to these Eco Highligther Pencils ($9). Available in all your favorite highlighter colors — yellow, green, orange, pink, and blue — they contain no plastics, ink solvents, or volatile organic compounds, and can be sharpened using a jumbo sharpener. Oh, and they won't bleed through the page — something that few traditional highlighters can claim.