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Temple Parachute Tote

It's great that you're packing reusable bags when you head to the grocery store, but what about those impulse purchases you're not expecting to make? The Temple Parachute Tote ($26) is a nearly perfect solution. Made from re-purposed WWII-era military parachutes, this rip-stop nylon bag features two large Velcro-closure inner pockets, a single, smaller interior pocket for smaller items, and collapses into a 4"x4" square when not in use, ensuring it will be with you when you need it.

  • Makr Ruck Sack

    Carry your laptop, iPad, or other goods over one or both shoulders without looking like a high schooler in the Makr Ruck Sack ($160). Available in a very light natural, brown, or black canvas, this simple pack features stylish exterior closures, multiple pockets, leather washers and reinforcements, cotton webbing, and padded straps. If you're interested, hurry up -- they're limited to just 50 of each color.

  • Tuch Leather Sleeves

    Carry your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or laptop in minimal elegance with Tuch Leather Sleeves ($25-$275). Available in light tan (naked) or black versions, these simple pouches are hand-assembled from premium-grade, laser-cut leather, using no stitching and no glue to achieve a level of simplicity that's impossible with other mass-produced cases. Bonus points for the integrated card slot on the iPhone case, ensuring that you lose both your phone and your ID + credit cards when you drunkenly leave it at the local beer garden. [Thanks, Ben]