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The Gamerator

The Gamerator

Finally, someone combined an arcade-style gaming machine with the frosty goodness of a kegerator to create a gaming-and-boozing powerhouse. The Gamerator ($4000; pre-order) includes a Windows XP machine pre-loaded with more than 150 licensed classic arcade games, as well as a free one-year GameTap gold membership, providing online access to more than 1000 games. The refrigerated interior holds a standard "pony" keg chilled to 38 degrees, and a professional tap on the front offers easy access. A 26-inch HDTV completes the package.

  • Nintendo Wii Accessories

    Nintendo busted out three new Wii accessories during yesterday's E3 press event. First up is the Wii Zapper ($TBA; Fall 2007), an assault weapon-style unit that holds both the Wii remote and Nunchuck controller. It'll come packaged with "Nintendo-developed software," but will also work for games like Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Next, Nintendo showed off Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board ($TBA; 2008). Together, they take fat-burning workouts to a whole new level Wii Sports could only hope for. The pressure-sensitive device works with the Wii Fit game to let you do aerobic, toning and balance activities. Finally, the big N debuted the Wii Wheel, a mini steering wheel housing for the Wii remote that will ship with the forthcoming online-enabled Mario Kart Wii ($TBA; 2008).

  • Hydra Console Game Kit

    Relive the days of simpler gaming with the Hydra Console Game Development Kit ($200). This all-in-one package includes everything you need to start developing your own games for the included Propeller Powered Hydra Game console, and since it's designed with beginner programmers in mind, you won't need previous coding experience to have fun designing your own games. [via]