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This Is Ground Voyager WiFi Bag

The mad scientists of tech organization are back with a full-sized bag that'll not only store the stuff you'll need on arrival — but also help you get there. The Voyager Bag from This Is Ground is a weekender-sized utility bag that comes with an integrated Karma Go WiFi unit, keeping you connected and collected at every turn. A pouch on the front, inspired by the brand's Tech Dopp Kits, organizes all of your cords and gadgets. Inside, there's enough room for five days of clothing. Made in Los Angeles of buttery soft leather, the Voyager is available in four color options, and — if you happen to love annoying WiFi logins at the airport — can also be purchased without the Karma Go for a little less. Though, once you get a taste of having your own good-looking WiFi network everywhere you, you'll wonder why all your bags aren't this smart.

  • Hoboroll

    Hobos have a rough life — but they definitely know how to pack. The Hoboroll takes inspiration from their bindles, offering 20L of capacity in a cylindrical pack just 10" in diameter and 15" long. It's made from rugged 30D ripstop nylon, uses five different segments to keep your stuff separated and two aluminum sliders to keep it compressed, and offers a secret inner zip pocket to keep valuables safely tucked away. Great for short weekend trips or nomadic journeys aboard the box cars of freight trains.

  • Moreca Aviator PH-1 Backpack

    The result of two years of work, featuring over 98 unique details and hand-assembled over the course of 50 hours, the Moreca Aviator PH-1 Backpack is an impressive piece of workmanship. Its exterior is crafted from vegetable tanner leather that's treated, dried, and polished to give it a naturally-worn look, while all the interior surfaces are suede. Those include a main compartment with inner pocket, and a hidden inner pocket that you can access from the quilted back. Arrives with nickel-plated brass hardware and a unique serial number and data sheet, and limited to just 99 examples.