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Timbuk2 Tool Shed

Wear your 'shed on your belt with the Timbuk2 Tool Shed ($35). Made from water-resistant, grease-proof tarpaulin fabric in a stylish "safety cone" orange, this simple storage unit unfolds to lay flat, giving you instant access to all the pockets and tools within. Also great as a dopp kit, gadget cord/charger carrier, or bartending tool pack. [Thanks, Aaron]

  • Bank Bag

    Keep your goods on lock down in the Bank Bag ($325). This authentic bank bag features a relatively unassuming exterior of tan waxed cotton twill, brown harness leather details around the top, bottom, and handles, Riri zippers sourced from Switzerland, and a reinforced bottom. You'll also find a more lively interior of bright blaze orange waterproof lining, and a functioning lock as the finishing touch. [via]

  • J.Fold Trooper Bag

    We know they're cheap, collapsible, and roomy, but it's really time to stop using gym bags to transport your goods when travelling. Something like the J.Fold Trooper Bag ($215), while not Target-cheap, is much more suitable. Available in blue with brown leather or gray with black leather, the Trooper offers vegetable-tanned leather and coated cotton canvas construction, snazzy striped inner lining, a zippered pocket and brass key hook on the interior, and a removable shoulder strap. Thankfully missing: the ability to make you look like the questionably aged member of a high school gymnastics team.