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TomTom for iPhone

TomTom for iPhone

Turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone? About time. TomTom's in-car navigation solution for iPhone consists of a TomTom GPS iPhone App ($TBA) and a TomTom Car Kit for iPhone ($TBA). The navigation software offers turn-by-turn directions and includes IQ Routes and the latest maps from Tele Atlas, while the car kit docks your iPhone to provide enhanced GPS performance, voice instructions, hands-free calling, and charging.

  • MLB at Bat

    The boys of summer are about to step up to bat, and you'll be able to follow every play anywhere you go with the At Bat 2009 iPhone app ($10). The app tracks the type, speed, and location of every pitch. You can choose live, streaming audio from either the home or visiting team, or watch video of best plays seconds after they happen. The app also provides game and standings updates as they happen. Best of all, the app automatically detects your connection speed and scales its streaming speed to deliver the best video for your situation.

  • CBS Sports NCAA March Madness iPhone App

    Isn't technology wonderful? Starting on March 19th, the CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On Demand App ($5) will be streaming every game from the tournament right to your iPhone. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you'll be able to watch the games anywhere — at the office, in line at the coffee shop, or even at home when it's not your turn to run the remote. And if you stray from the Wi-Fi, all is not lost — you'll still be privy to the CBS Sports' live audio broadcast over the iPhone's EDGE or 3G connection.