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Trail Boss

The ultimate tool for trail workers and backcountry enthusiasts alike — whether you bike, hike, backpack, climb, or camp — the Trail Boss ($520-$565) is as versatile a tool as it is portable. This modular workhorse fits into most packs, and comes with either three or four handle pieces (16" each for three or 12" each for four) that connect to build a shaft to suit your needs. Three useful tools join with the handle, a mattock/axe combo, a rake/hoe combo, and a shovel, making it the ideal tool for a range of tasks: from filling washouts, to removing roots, and everything in-between.

  • Ringtool

    Add a bit of functional simplicity to your everyday carry with the Ringtool ($25). While it's designed with the bicycle commuter in mind, we have a hard time thinking of situations in which you wouldn't want a multitool small enough to add to your keychain. It features a bottle opener, hex heads ranging from 3-8mm, a flathead, phillips, and torxhead driver, and two spoke wrenches, all in a two-inch ring. It's made from hardened and tempered stainless steel, and weighs just one ounce — perfect for your minimalist carry.

  • Handibot

    With Handibot ($2,000), every DIY enthusiast now has access to a portable CNC (computer numerically controlled) mill. For those not familiar with CNC equipment, this industrial technology lets you programmatically, repeatably, and precisely cut, carve, or drill various materials. The Handibot lets you do all this at the job site or your home workshop, instead of a big shop, and removes the need for in-depth technological know-how using task-specific apps, controlled on your tablet or smart phone. All you need to do to cut that perfect notch, pocket, hole, or curve, is cue up an app and press the start button — pretty easy.