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Tumi Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Briefcase

If you're carrying important cargo — and by important, we mean "people might kill me for it" important — protect it (and yourself) with the Tumi Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Briefcase ($6,000). This limited edition attaché case is made using 65 layers of advanced Tegris polypropylene thermoplastic composite to provide durability and impact resistance while maintaining a light weight. Inside, you'll find vachetta leather trim, an iPad pocket, a file divider, accessory pockets, a false bottom to conceal items of the highest value, and — of course — a handcuff attachment.

  • Goruck Kit Bags

    Inspired by the military-issued bag given to all paratroopers on airborne operations, these Goruck Kit Bags ($200-$250) should be more than capable of handling your gear on your next trip. Built with highly water-resistant materials each of the two available sizes — the 57L CIVVY and the 84L MIL — features a small internal pocket next to the main zipper for holding smaller valuables, an external open pocket at the end of the bag for easy access to newspapers, books, and snacks, and the MOLLE webbing system to allow for customizability. Available in black, sand, or camo.

  • Brooks Piccadilly Knapsack

    Whether or not you ride a bicycle, you can appreciate the low profile design of the Brooks Piccadilly Knapsack (€290; roughly $375). Made from high-quality, vegetable-tanned leather, it features a simple single top flap design, a removable inner pocket for smaller items, and comfy canvas straps. Available in black, mustard, olive green, and our favorite, mandarin.