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Weber Deluxe Texas Hold 'em Table

Weber Deluxe Texas Hold 'em Table

We've come to the conclusion that our weekly poker game would be much better held on a real gaming table as opposed to the kitchen table. With that in mind, we stumbled across the Weber Deluxe Texas Hold 'em Table ($1200). Available in a variety of wood finishes and upholstery, the table features spots and drink holders for up to ten players.

  • American Beauties Poker Chips

    Poker and women — somehow, these two things seem to go together. Now they have a more direct connection than ever with the American Beauties Pin Up Chip Set ($220 - $300). Based on the “American Beauties” Pin Ups by artist Greg Hildebrandt — known for his work on the original Star Wars poster and several Marvel comics for starters — the sets come with a hard case, 300 or 500 composite chips, cards, and dice. [Thanks, Kevin]

  • MBS Comp 16 Mountainboard

    Anyone can go skiing, but not just everyone can go flying down the side of a hill with nothing between them and hard rocks and dirt but a mountainboard. Outfitted with eight-inch tires and F3 bindings to hold your feet to the board, the Comp 16 Mountainboard from MBS ($470) can bring you down the hill in a hurry. It’s probably not as fast as just jumping off the side of the mountain, but it is more fun.