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Wenger Traveler Pocket Alarm

Wenger Traveler Pocket Alarm

The large majority of us already carry around an alarm in our pockets — it's called a phone — but there are times when you might not want to drain your juice all night just so you can wake in the morning. The Wenger Traveler Pocket Alarm ($250) is a stylish, albeit expensive, solution, featuring a rugged brushed stainless steel case, luminous hands, numerals, and markers, date display, an integrated retractable stand, a second time zone indicator, an included silicone pouch, and... oh yeah, an alarm.

  • F1 Flight Dopp Kit

    With retro looks that recall a time when your air hostess looked like this and you could still light up a death stick at 30,000 feet, the F1 Flight Dopp Kit ($36) is a functional blast from the (fictional) past. Made from PVC, this carry-all features dual zippers that pull in tandem for easy access to the spacious, lined interior. An exterior pocket for smaller stuff and velcro to keep the top flap down round out this travel accessory that's probably 10x cooler than the bag you'll carry it in.

    Our thanks to Gillette for underwriting this month's travel grooming articles.

  • Coach Transatlantic Carry-On

    Globe trot in style with the Coach Transatlantic Carry-On ($650). Made from premium glove-tanned leather that will gain patina and character with age, this well heeled bag features two inner pockets and one outer pocket, fabric lining on the interior, a zip-tip closure, sturdy leather double handles, an adjustable, removable shoulder strap, and polished nickel-finished hardware. Warning for iPad/iPhone users: Coach's whole damn site is in Flash, so if you're on one of Apple's iDevices, don't even bother clicking through.