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Wham-O Heavyweight Frisbee

Wham-O Heavyweight Frisbee

Get your fling on in even the fiercest of winds with the Wham-O Heavyweight Frisbee ($13). Weighing in at a hefty 200 grams, this flying disc is made for play in adverse conditions, with stable, long soars. Plus, it can serve as a training tool for those looking to build up their normal Frisbee-throwing muscles, and comes with a guide covering Frisbee skills from the backhand to wrist-flip throws.

  • Easton 2010 Baseball Bat Lineup

    Can you say Mercy Rule? Team Uncrate used these Easton Bats to score 45 runs in the last three games, dashing the late-inning hopes of three unworthy men's summer league teams. Each techno-bat offers a larger sweet spot and quicker swing speeds than anything we've ever hit, making it tough to choose a favorite. With carbon and glass construction, the Stealth Speed ($399) and Synergy Speed ($399) offer Easton's lightest barrels for crazier MOI (Moment of Inertia) and faster swings. Easton's lightweight SV12 ($299) and V12 ($199) both utilize the company's Optimal Hitting Zone Technology (O-Zone) and are built with a special 12-element scandium alloy formula that produces incredible bat speed, max energy transfer, and pretty decent vibration elimination. These bats will turn any player into a powerhouse.

  • Monogrammed Golf Club Links

    Keep track of your clubs — even if you lose them — with these Monogrammed Golf Club Links ($50). Arriving in a set of 14 with matching ball marker, each Alcoa aluminum grip-topper features your name, phone number, and single-letter monogram, raising the odds that your favorite lob wedge will find its way home, even after you drunkenly leave it near the green on the 12th hole.