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Whiskey Holster

Oh hell yes. Blending perfectly with the beverage's wild west image, the Whiskey Holster ($39) keeps your favorite bourbon right where it should be: on your belt, preferably right next to your trusty six-shooter. Made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather, it's the perfect size to hold a 200mL whiskey bottle, and even offers up a tiny window on the front to let your label show through. Al Swearengen would be proud.

  • J.A. Christensen Maker Ties

    As you might have guessed, ties weren't always churned out by huge manufacturing equipment — they were made on a single needle sewing machine, by a single operator. Return to this time with J.A. Christensen Maker Ties ($90). Created with these classics in mind, these ties are cut across the fabric's width to give them a unique look, and feature square backs, vintage denim construction, a length of 55 inches, and width of three inches — not too short, not too skinny, but just right for pairing with a modern suit and shirt.

  • Blunt Umbrellas

    Do you live in fear of poking your eyes out with the sharp ends of your umbrella? Release your fears with Blunt Umbrellas ($75-$85). Available in standard and two-person XL sizes, these unique umbrellas feature a low profile, tensioned canopy for easier control in the wind, a push-pull runner for easy opening, and blunt tips to evenly distribute the outward force along the edge of the canopy. Next up? Tackling your fear of scissors.


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