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Wilson Pro Shock FX Catchers Mask

Wilson Pro Shock FX Catchers Mask

Protect your mug during your summertime baseball league with the Wilson Pro Shock FX Catchers Mask ($120). It features a unique design that diffuses impact energy in four key zones, a floating mask for reduced vibration, venting for better airflow and reduced weight, CoolMax lining, a panoramic cage design for maximum peripheral vision, and more. Play ball.


    A reusable water bottle as healthy as the water you put inside it. The KOR ONE Hydration Vessel ($30) is BPA-free (good for your body) and cuts down on the amount of water bottles you throw away each year (good for the planet). The KOR ONE features a pretty stunning industrial design, topped off with a just-right spout and a hinged cap (screw you, screw-on caps) for quick one-hand opening and closing.

  • Throwdown Pro Series MMA Cages

    Forget the basement boxing ring — if you really want to spend your Friday nights in bloody battles, check out these Throwdown Pro Series MMA Cages ($16,500 and up). Available in three shapes — circle, hexagon, and octagon — the cages feature patented heavy-duty framing, closed-cell polyethylene foam padding, extra-wide corner bumper pads, all-steel stairs, and vinyl skirting. All you need is an announcer, some bleachers, and an opponent.