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World Time Clock

World Time Clock

If the red LEDs of the hotel room clock aren't to your liking, pull the World Time Clock ($72) out of your bag instead for a little extra flair. The 12 sides on this clock, representing two time zones per side, help you determine local time by rolling the clock so the city representing that time zone is on top.

  • Wallpaper City Guides

    If you're a traveler and want better advice when visiting a city than your standard Fodor's or AAA Guide can give you, check out these Wallpaper* City Guides ($9 each, $180 set). From the same folks that bring you Wallpaper* magazine, these guides are pocket-sized and come in discreet solid colors so you don't look like a tourist. The collection includes 20 guides right now, with 40 more planned by the end of the year.

  • Heys xcaseNS Carry-on

    There's nothing worse than filling up a suitcase with 25+ lbs. of stuff, only to find that weight doubled by heavy luggage. The Heys xcaseNS Carry-on ($90) is "The World's Lightest Carry-on," weighing in at a laptop-like 5.3 lbs. for its 20" x 14" x 9" frame. It also features a nice non-shiny finish, which ages better than the alternative, a built-in divider, and a curved single tube handle system. [Thanks, Tim]